5.2 Option settings

Lines containing an '=' sign are interpretted to be option settings. The line is stripped of comments and split on the first '='. Both the option name and setting are stripped of leading and trailing white space.

Multiline settings may exist with the use of XML notation to encapsulate the setting. The <b> and <v> tags are available for this purpose. The <b> tag is short for "block" and is useful for most purposes. The <v> tag is short for "verbatim" and is the same as block except that text encapsulated is not subjected to the text substitution algorithms described in "Text Substitution" (section 5.5). The <b> and <v> tags may not be nested within themselves. <v> takes precedence over <b>.

Option names are case sensitive and may not contain the [ ] = characters nor use the <b> or <v> tags.

For example:

opt1 = simple # comment
opt2=simple # same 

opt3 = <b> # not a comment (actually line 0 of setting)
Line 1 of a multi-line setting
Line 2 of a multi-line setting
</b> # comment can go here